We are a theoretical physics group established at IST Austria in the summer of 2017. We are working on understanding universal properties of quantum systems out-of-equilibrium:

  • For isolated quantum systems (so-called “artificial quantum matter”) we are looking to understand when and how the thermal equilibrium can be avoided. The quantum quench provides a simplest example of such setup: system is prepared in some non-equilibrium state, and evolves according to some many-body Hamiltonian:

    When such evolution does not result in “featurless” thermal state, but the steady state has some memory of initial configuration? What are the signatures of such non-ergodicity in many-body eigenstates?

  • For solids we interested in exploring the non-equlibrium/beyond linear-response probes. Also, we are interested in systems with spin-orbit coupling, low-dimensional materials, and (unconventional) superconductivity.

In our research we use a variety of analytical and numerical methods. In addition, we collaborate with groups who perform experiments in isolated quantum many-body systems and study novel probes of solids.