Open positions

We are looking for physicists interested in condensed matter, quantum many-body physics, quantum information, and/or numerical methods. If you are interested in joining us:

  • Postdocs. At this moment there are no available “group postdoc” positions. However, my group is open for hosting qualified candidates via ISTPlus program (next application deadlines are on 15.03.2019 and 15.09.2019). Please, contact Prof. Serbyn if you are applying for this position. Also, note that all application materials (including reference letters) should arrive before the deadline. Otherwise your application will be discarded as incomplete.

  • Ph.D. students. We are currently looking for graduate students. IST has a US-style graduate school with centralized admission. The next application deadline is 8th of January 2019. Please submit your application via graduate school. In addition, do not hesitate to contact Prof. Serbyn.

  • Interns. At the moment all internship positions in our group are filled. However, IST offers an internship program called “ISTernship” during the summer. If you are approaching the end of your undergraduate/masters studies, and would like to spend a summer of 2018 at IST working on scientific project, please apply here. Due to summer travel, the preference will be given to interns who can start in May/early June.